TL Logistics Software Streamlines

Truckload (TL) shipping generally refers to the transportation of an amount of cargo that is enough to fill an entire semi-trailer. Unlike less than truckload (LTL) shipping, where carriers take partial loads from two or more shippers, combining them into a full load and dividing the load price, companies that perform TL shipping contract an entire load to a single shipper. While LTL shipping can present attractive pricing options for small to midsized companies that regularly ship less than a full truckload of products, the basic advantage TL shipping over LTL shipping is that the freight is never touched en route to its destination. LTL shipments are ขนส่งสินค้าชลบุรี commonly handled multiple times en route. While truck load shipping is a more simplistic shipping process than less than truckload shipping, companies that use LTL shipping can still benefit from using TL logistics software to arrive at the best shipping solutions.

TL logistics-software is a particular form of truckload logistics software that helps companies optimize their freight and shipping routes to realize the most cost effective TL shipping solutions. In lieu of logistics-software, companies that don’t have their own shipping fleet or employ logistics professionals usually hire third party logistics (3PL) providers. However, for companies that need to save as much as possible on the shipping process, logistics-software is a more cost effective logistics solution than outsourcing to a 3PL provider for two reasons: it allows companies greater leverage in the shipping process and it removes the need to pay a middleman to dialogue with carriers. When companies implement logistics software, they essentially go from outsourcing their logistics to being their own logistics provider, using an easy to use user interface that’s customized to their company’s particular shipping needs.

Logistics software can be customized in accordance with a variety of shipping concerns, but freight optimization and route optimization two aspects of truckload shipping that logistics software applies to in all cases. Freight optimization deals with a variety of freight concerns, including freight size and volume, packaging and composition, all of which affect the cost of shipping. To put it simply, truckload logistics-software is used to find a carrier that offers the best price in relation to the combined factors of freight optimization. Similarly, logistics-software gives companies the ability find the best shipping routes based on various criteria, including: shortest distance, construction patterns, traffic patterns and road surface quality. By performing freight optimization and route optimization, logistics-software presents companies significantly reduce their shipping costs while improving their delivery time. According to recent studies, companies that implement logistics-software can reduce their shipping costs by 10 percent at the end of one year.


The Difference Between Online Gambling and Land-Based Gambling

In principle, both online gambling and land-based gambling are the same thing. In the widest sense, in both situations you gamble, and you can probably win or lose. However, that’s just about the only thing they have in common. The fight over which is better will start here. Many people are still arguing on both sides of the coin, though really, the battle has yet to stop. To understand their points of argumentation and, hopefully, get to have a side of your own, an objective analysis is important.sattamatka

The Convenience

In gambling, convenience is of high importance. You are suppose to have fun, thus why would you want to complicate matters any longer? Complications relating to the need for convenience regrettably arise naturally in online or land-based gambling.

These complications, for land-based gambling, have to do with the truth that casinos and gambling sites which are land-based are far away from each other. Las Vegas is the place you may go if modern gambling is what you truly want. There are no other casinos that comes close, aside from Las Vegas. So there are many of disadvantages in land-based gambling in convenience.

Then again, it is a much more accessible and convenient, doing it online. There is no sign present that the internet is stopping short of offering you a pleasing gambling experience, and it is everywhere.

Experience the Richness

Land-based casinos assures a richness of experience that you cannot get elsewhere, if you can gain access to it. The moment you hold your cards while playing poker or when you look at the ball rolling about the roulette table or as you press the button in playing slots, the richness can be experienced. Also, you get to see your opponents face-to-face. Online casinos can never have a bit of this. Since your entirely by yourself, and you get connected with your opponents by means of a Chat function, there is one I assume.

Safety and Security Issues

Security and safety are big issues in both online and land-based gambling. In online gambling, trusting a banking option can be hard to do. Above that, an online casino may close in on you any minute since it may be unstable enough. If worse comes to worst, this can bring about situation which is problematic. Land-based gambling is said to be the same where gamblers, aggravated at their losing streaks, becoming violent is always a threat.

The Winning Potential

Online casinos must have a third-party software for you to be sure of its fairness. With it, an online gambling site can be ascertained whether or not it can be trusted. In fact, if it says it’s fair, then your probability to win in online gambling can be sure as the same as that in land-based


Making Money and Gambling

Internet betting and gambling sites are a multi-billion dollar industry that will not be going away anytime soon. But why all the concern? Well, researchers believe that Internet gambling is even more addictive than traditional casino gambling. An article in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, stated: “The availability of Internet gambling may draw individuals who seek out isolated and anonymous contexts for their gambling dpboss behaviors.”  Further, Internet gambling can be associated with a high risk of addiction because of the easy access — even teenagers and children can access online casinos and betting sites. And it is considered fact that people under 25 are more likely to become addicted to gambling.

In general, if you think about it, why should any child oir even teenager, be spending any time at all on gambling websites. So they should really be blocked from accessing them in the first place. But if they do have access, and you believe something may be wrong, in the same way that you would seek treatment for an alcohol or drug problem, you need to seek treatment for a potential gambling problem. Of course the same thing goes for adults as well. There is no lack of stories of people losing their savings, homes, jobs, families over debts accumulated from online gambling.

If you suspect a loved one has a compulsive gambling problem, you should read up on recognizing the signs and symptoms of gambling addiction and ways to handle the problem in your home. Of course, any behavior that is causing problems or disrupting a person’s ability to lead a normal and healthy life, should be attended to, even if there is not an official diagnosis of an addiction.


Top Online Casino

Most all top online casinos voluntarily subject themselves to regular audits (usually monthly) by a qualified and reputable third party firm, such as Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC). These audits generally focus on two aspects of the online casino’s operations: their random number generator and their payout rates. The latter — payout rates — is the subject of this article.

An online casino’s payout rates are displayed as a percentage — that being the percentage of incoming wagers that are paid out in winnings. As you can imagine, the 토토사이트 higher the payout rates, the better. The top online casinos are often considered so, in part, precisely because they offer the highest payout rates.

A top online casino with the highest payout rate in video poker may not have the best payout rate for slots. Payout rates vary within top online casinos for each individual game. If you’re planning on joining a top online casino for a specific game — be it poker, craps, baccarat, video poker, roulette, blackjack, slots, keno, or any other top online casino game — check the top online casino’s payout percentages for that specific game.

Top Online Casino Payout Rates Overall: Grand Online Casino (98.42%), Golden Palace Online Casino (98.15%), Sands of the Caribbean (98.11%), USA Casino (98.09%), 32Red Casino (97.97%), Ladbrokes Casino (97.68%), Casino-on-Net (97.63%), InterCasino (97.13%).

Top Online Casino Payouts for Slots: Slotland (98.00%), Casino Las Vegas (97.50%), Golden Palace Online Casino (97.18%), Royal Vegas Online Casino (96.59%), Aztec Riches Casino (96.51%), Yukon Gold Casino (96.31%), Shark Casino (96.49%), Casino Kingdom (96.15%), Ladbrokes Casino (96.03%).

Top Online Casino Payouts for Video Poker: Jackpots in a Flash Casino (99.53%), Lucky Nugget Online Casino (99.11%), Crazy Vegas Casino (99.07%), Lucky Emperor Casino (99.03%), 7 Sultan Casino (99.00%), Royal Vegas Online Casino (98.77%), Swiss Casino (98.70%), Spin Palace (98.60%), RiverBelle Casino (98.59%), Roxy Palace Online Casino (98.58%).

Top Online Casino Payout at Table Games: Casino Kingdom (99.62%), Mummys Gold Casino (99.52%), Aztec Riches Casino (99.22%), 3 Diamond Casino (99.19%), 49er Casino (99.10%), Casino Domain (99.01%), Challenge Casino (98.98%), Crazy Vegas Casino (98.91%), Cherry Casino (98.69%), Captain Cooks (98.57%).

Top online casinos that get their payout rates audited will almost always publish the results of each audit on their website for anyone — member or non-member — to view. They’ll even keep archives of all their past audits, also open to public viewing.


Knowledge Management in Business – Not Just Core But Critical

Information is not knowledge, said one of the greatest scientists in the world, Albert Einstein. This is very much a fact; more so, in the modern world, where almost everyone has an access to information. The problem however is that most people do not know what to do with the information that they have access to.

Knowledge is not about being a dictionary; knowledge is about being able to create literary pieces from those 26 letters that we call the alphabet. Knowledge is not about crunching numbers, but the analysis of those numbers. Knowledge is not about knowing how many NGOs are there in the country or having their contact information, but about knowing what you want to do with that information

Similarly, in a business scenario, knowledge is not about the data related to how many customers you have, when they were born, which places they live in, what is their family size and average income; knowledge is about being to identify the products they might be willing to buy based on this information.

Knowledge is about being able to process this information and to be able to figure out how to sell the relevant product to them, what marketing strategies to employ etc.

Critical in Business Expansion

One of the major reasons why management of knowledge in business is no longer just a core process, but a critical process; is that without a sound management of the data you hold, you cannot even think of business expansions.

If you do not have a strong กระเบื้อง เซรามิค database of vendors, service providers, potential clients, customers and buyers for your products or services, there’s absolutely no way you can look forward to expanding your business. In this context it becomes very important to have structured databases and their regular updation, monitoring, validation and maintenance.

SWOT Evaluation

Further, it is your effective KM that helps you in evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your business, both at the current stage as well as in future. If there’s effective handling of information, proper analysis and then also proper strategy and planning basis this information; it will help you know where your risks lie.

Where you might have to cut down costs, or spend extra money on customer retention, or outsource your business in order to reduce overhead costs, is something most effectively justified when proper knowledge handling is in place and is efficient.

The analysis of your competitors, the potentially untapped business areas, the customer-satisfaction, your USP and its strength are all analyzed perfectly only through a methodical approach to knowledge management in business.


The Most Useful Android Apps

Smartphones have forever changed the world. Just a few short years ago, most consumers would have had to carry around hundreds of devices in order to accomplish functions that a single mobile phone can handle today. While the iPhone will be remembered as the first smartphone in the modern sense of the term, Android compatible phones are becoming more popular with each passing day.

This popularity led to the emergence of a robust market of Android apps. Since the Android Market allows developers to upload new apps without much resistance, countless new applications are being developed each day. To help consumers sort out the differences between products, let’s take a look at some of the most useful applications that are available now on the Android Market.

Groupon: Daily Deals from Local Businesses

Businesses need ways to reach consumers on their smartphones. Also, special bargains are an effective way for some stores to get new customers in the door to try out their products and services. On the other hand, smartphone users enjoy getting great prices on things they want to buy.


Groupon answers this call by negotiating bulk deals with local businesses and alerting users. Then, using the Groupon Android app, you can swing by a local store and make a purchase at a discounted rate. If you are a bargain shopper, this app is a great choice. It is available now on the Android Market.

The Pandora Radio App for Android

Pandora offers a free radio app that allows you to hear music on your Android Market smartphone. The service is based on its proprietary Music Genome Project. This project lead to the creation of an algorithm that associates songs with each other based on similarities in the music itself, and this algorithm is used to ensure that end-users hear songs they actually like.

The Pandora app for Android is a fine choice if you are interested in finding out about new artists. The algorithm is truly effective for identifying the elements in music that a specific user might enjoy.

Keeping an Eye on Health with the iTriage Symptom Checker App

Android app fans will love iTriage. When are medical symptoms serious enough to justify going to the doctor? Some people underestimate the seriousness of specific health problems, and apps like these can save lives by letting people know when a symptom they are experiencing might require a trip to the doctor.


Why You Need a Sales Funnel Part III

Your funnel begins at the front end, which is where all of your marketing tools are. Whether you use SEO, pay per click advertising, Web2 promotion, ezine advertising and any of a large number of lead creating techniques, your objective at the front end is to get an opt-in, which is basically a volunteer jumping into your funnel.

At the front end you are look for people to give you permission to contact them. Once in the funnel, you start the process of qualifying and disqualifying leads. Disqualification is an important part of a sale funnel You must spend the bulk of your time on qualified leads, who are interested in your products, clickfunnels discount 55 off not those who have little interest. Your front end is about capturing leads, and keeping those that show interest in what you have to offer.

You don’t make money at the front end, just fill your funnel. The back end is where the money is made. Your back end customers have filtered down the funnel, opting for free offers, and paying initially for inexpensive items, then other higher priced products. At the back end, they are exposed to the highest priced products such as audio and video products, seminars, mentoring or even highly priced ebooks.

Your sales funnel allows you to analyze every step of the process and decide where your efforts are best expended at any one time. Internet marketers that use sales funnels have a more focused route to follow, and are on top of their business day after day, and fully aware of the potential of their lists and how to maximize them. That is why you need a sales funnel to maximize your business potential.


Importance of the Office Layout

Office space can be expensive, so it’s important that you use the space you have wisely and think very carefully before putting an office layout in place.

I believe an office layout is so much more than where desks are positioned; it’s also about where employees will sit and feel comfortable while they are working, what equipment is needed and where it needs to be positioned to enable staff to do their job efficiently. Office space planning is crucial. The way in which an office is laid out can not only affect your staff it can also influence how clients and visitors perceive your business.

When deciding on your office plan there are a number of design layouts to consider, although your choice should depend on what you want to achieve from the final scheme.

Some organisations may have members of staff that require quiet areas to work for concentration or handle sensitive information, for example a solicitor’s office; a closed office scheme would be more preferable. A closed office layout is where individuals or small groups/departments have their own office space office refurbishment company which enables them to close out noise and other potential distractions.

On the other hand some organisations require and actively encourage communication between employees and departments, for example advertising agencies. In this instance an open plan office would be preferable as it is said that open plan ethos increases creativity. In an ‘open’ office the layout needs to be carefully thought-out, as more often than not staff with different job functions will be using the same area. If space is limited the layout of the office becomes even more important to make sure that the space doesn’t become too over crowded. Introducing desktop or office screen panels to an open plan layout can give staff some element of privacy should they need it, without losing the open plan feel.

Although open plan offices are great for communication, there is sometimes the need to hold private conversations and/or meetings. If this is the case then meeting rooms and/or ‘hot’ offices could be introduced against the walls on the perimeter of the space so as not to deflect from the open plan culture. The use of a glass office partition to create the additional room would still allow light to flow through the open plan space.

Depending on your business style/needs you may want to consider having a mix of closed and open plan layouts.

Access and emergency routes need to be defined clearly which ever office layout you choose to ensure that people can move around easily and quickly.


How to Buy Wholesale Engagement Rings?

Most people are aware of the importance that the engagement ceremony in life. As long as lovers look forward to the engagement ceremony, it will never stop. They will continue to buy engagement rings to show their love and commemorate the ceremony. Many different types of engagement rings are available in the market and purchasing one is a costly task. The price you pay will depend on the way you choose buy and the specific ring you choose. Engagement rings are available in gold, silver, or platinum and the gemstone of your choice, all to fit the individual tastes of the consumer.

It can be said that diamond engagement or wedding rings are by far the very best way to propose your love and many times, they are one of the most precious and cherished gifts that your spouse will possess. If you are indeed planning to purchase an engagement ring, you are probably already aware that you aren’t getting out of this one cheap. You will most likely spend a significant amount of money. Many surveys have found that the average amount spent on an engagement ring is at least five thousand dollars. wholesale ring While this might seem excessive to some, there are many ways to reduce and cut down on your expense.

The various factors such as their weight, size and design of the diamond is a big factor in the cost of your engagement ring. If you are planning to purchase a ring on a tight budget, one of the easiest ways to save money is to choose a smaller stone and reduce the overall size of the ring.

If you are not willing or not ready to choose a smaller stone and reduce the overall size of the ring, another option is to look for a wholesale distributor of diamond engagement rings. Choosing the right wholesale distributor is the easiest way to reduce your costs. Many people prefer to purchase expensive goods from wholesale sources. Wholesale distributors operate worldwide.

If you would like to know more about buying diamond engagement rings through a wholesale distributor, I recommend that you do your research. To get started, do a quick internet search and look into the results that come up. A brief review of these websites and a good filter with appropriate keywords will narrow the results down to something manageable. Review the information you find and speak to the representatives to ensure that you are getting the best deal for your situation.


Building A Marketing Funnel – Finding Those That Want To Do Business With You

I personally like to think of it as building a marketing funnel for your real estate business as opposed to a sales funnel which many people call this idea. Imagine an inverse pyramid. Everyone is in it, everyone you meet, everyone that comes into your marketing portals, everyone that comes into your website, everyone that calls you, everyone that emails you for information, everybody that responds to one of your bandit signs, everybody you meet at a networking meeting, everybody that sees one of your videos online or reads one of your articles – these people are all at the top of the sales funnel levels.

This includes people who know you. They may or may not be the perfect prospect for you to do business with, your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, clickfunnels review forum
teacher, preacher, girl you met at the gym – these are all people that are at the top of that pyramid.

Just below that if you were to draw this on a piece of paper, we all know what a pyramid looks like, I’m assuming, not that ancient Egyptian history is a pre-requisite for reading an online article, but let’s assume we all know what a pyramid is. At the top if you’ve got a line that’s about two inches wide, just below it you’ve got a line that’s about an inch shorter, about an inch wide and it’s centered below it.

That first line is all those people I just mentioned- just below that are people who you decide to follow up with- just below that is another line, which are people who agree to receive your follow up and just below that are people who want the same and request more information.

What do I mean by that? Somebody can give me permission to follow up with them, but they’re not even a real person until they raise their hand and say, “Hey, tell me this,” or ask a question. You should have something within your follow up sequence when building a marketing funnel that identifies those people that do raise their hand from those people who are like a cold fish just laying there.

If you’re looking at your piece of paper and you’re actually drawing this with me, you’ve thus far got four tiers and they consistently get smaller. What we’re building here is an inverted pyramid. If you were to continue going down the next three levels would be levels of getting involved with them.

What do I mean by that? In your real estate business marketing funnel, or really one for any business, you should have different ways someone can get involved with you. Let’s say, for example, you’re a mortgage broker. A level five would be – level one, two, three and four I’ve already shared with you – a level five would be they’ve raised their hand and said they’re interested in you following up with them and right now is the time they want to put in a loan application, so you’d get a 1003 filled out.

Level six of your sales funnel levels would be you have a conversation with them after that. You follow up with those people in a different way in your marketing funnel. Of course, some of that should be automated, and if you’re not using automated follow-up tools you’re missing out on time you could be spending with new prospects.

Level seven would be people who actually do a loan with you if you’re a mortgage broker. Now, we’re seven levels deep going from a Level one which might be someone you’ve met at a conference, or who has seen you on social media or your mother, father or whoever that comes into your orbit in any way, going all the way through Level four which is they have given you permission to follow up with them, you want to follow up with them, and they’ve raised their hand asking for more information in several ways.

Whether it’s emailing you, asking a question, calling you, filling out a form on your website, filling out a form through your auto responder sequence that says I’m interested in (X), all the way down through getting more specific to your business in levels five, six and seven with the example I gave for a mortgage loan officer.